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Founder Hong Ming-bao was introduced into the coffee business by a bartender at a Western restaurant while he was still selling fruits in Chiayi City; he jointly opened a coffee firm with a partner and learnt a great deal of experience by trial and error.
The first coffee products material store was opened
on Yingcai Rd. in Taichung City.
Created his own brand, Ping Huang Coffee,
established the Hou Jerng Business Co. Created the first coffee product processing plant, specialized in coffee OEM and ODM. A seed team was trained in Taichung to setup businesses across the country.

Established the second coffee product processing plant and extended reach to Shanghai, China by creating the Shanghai Pinzhen Foodstuff Co. In addition, a coffee product processing plant was established in Shanghai, focusing on the sales in the Chinese market. Coffee drinking trend in Taiwan has become prevalent, hence the Halhali Coffee Counter was established, the coffee shop was also open for franchising. Created the Ping Huang official website.
Ping Huang Coffee was open for franchising, selling coffee products and materials. The first franchise was opened in Xihu Town in Zhanghua County. Headquarters established in Taichung, relocated from Xitun store to Gongyi store
Shanghai Pinzhen Foodstuff Co. passed the QS certification (including beverages, solid beverages, roasted coffee) The Halhali Coffee Counter was closed and changed to Halhali Coffee Foodstuff Processing Firm, and opened for franchising. Hou Jerng Business Co. (Ping Huang Coffee) received the honor of GSP certification.
The plants of Hou Jerng Business Co. passed ISO22000, HACCP and ISO9001 triple international quality certification. The largest store, the Wenxing Flagship Store was officially opened.
Hou Jerng Plant No. 3 will be established next to the THSR station in Taibao, occupying a space of 3,000 pings; the coffee museum will be opened for the public.