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Ping Huang Coffee was established in 1989 with the objective of promoting the coffee industry to the family DIY market, so that consumers can enjoy quality coffee. Our next operating target is to extend the reach of Ping Huang Coffee to all corners of the country and achieve a franchise chain of over 100 stores. We intend to bring Ping Huang’s coffee products closer to our customers and welcome all coffee enthusiasts to join us!
We need people who possess a passion towards the catering industry, and are ambitious to open up their own businesses. They must be willing to accept training and education from the headquarters prior opening their own stores; the storefront can be self-owned or rented, the location should be evaluated by the headquarters for suitability.
(1) Free business district crowd analysis prior joining the franchise.
(2) Impartation of successful management know-how.
(3) Systematic, easy to understand education training.
(4) Professional assistance on the integration of store affairs
  prior opening.
(5) Continual free store affair guidance and product consultation
  after joining the franchise.
(6) Continual new product R&D and provision.
(7) All-encompassing logistics service.
(8) National brand image recognition.
(9) Powerful product mix and comprehensive market positioning.
(10) Diverse selection of popular consumer goods.
(11) Suitable for customers of all ages.
(12) Sound management, sustainable business, all net profit each
  month belongs to the franchisee.
(13) Reasonable price of supplies from the headquarters, stable
  supply of raw materials.
Free from franchise fee or royalties, however a deposit of NT$300,000 is required in cash and NT$300,000 by check, the check must be renewed every year.