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  If you are in the same industry as us (café or coffee shops) and wish to develop new coffee beans and different ways of packaging, we are glad to manufacture and produce them for you, saving you time and money.
  If you own a shop, café or catering related business and wish to sell our products with your own brand and packaging in order to accentuate your individuality, you are welcome to contact us.
  If you are a firm or a large enterprise/factory, and require large quantity of our coffee beans, instant coffee, instant milk tea or other products, please feel free to contact us.
Should you need further information in this regard, you may contact us via phone (office hours) or please fax/email us. If this is inconvenient, you are free to make use of the following form to express your valuable opinions. However, please leave your name and contact number, we will process your request immediately, thank you for your cooperation! Thanks once again!
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